What about the Menz?!

I want to lay this out early and work on it as time goes on.

While this is a space intended for the discussion of masculinity, women are more than welcome to enter the discussion. Part of the reason I started this was because too many times I see men go into a feminist space devoted to the problems of women and derail the discussion to talk about the problems of men. Frankly, most of these problems are overblown or non-existent. The people may certainly feel stress, pain, discomfort, or suffer losses, but these are almost never the fault of women or feminism.

This is an attempt to make a space for the discussion of the problems of men, especially those men who society considers feminized. I am making this in an environment rife with sites on Men’s Rights Activism (MRA), Men Going their Own Way (MGTOW), Pick-Up Artists (PUA), and lately #GamerGate. Unlike most of these, I don’t purport to have some answer or some enemy to fight against. (Though pretty much all of the listed groups are full of┬ápeople who do and say awful things.)

I am unsure if I am the best voice here. The internet is full to the brim with the opinions of white-cis-hetero men. However, given the awful things coming out of Gamergate lately, I want to stand up and make sure my silence is not a tacit endorsement of their aggrieved entitlement.

What about the Menz?!